1. Michele Clark has put together one of the best hooping shows we have EVER seen in this video. absolutely incredible.

  2. milyaykina:

    "Dark Evolution" by Tatiana Schennikova Photography for No Floor Dance - Aerial Dance School

    Photographer - Tatiana Schennikova

    MUA - Ekaterina Zhilina

    Aerialist - Anna Milyaykina


  3. loveatfirstfright:

    Competing in the Lincolnshire Aerial Championships in the Professional Lyra category! Better get working on a routine :D

    Oh Hey, We will be at the Lincolnshire aerial championships with a stall if you want to check out our kit in person! 

  4. liveforothers:

    This evening we practiced our circus skills as the sun set ready for the tomorrow!

  5. thespinsummit:

    See what it’s like to spin at the summit of a 14’er in the Colorado Rocky Mountains… 

  6. delightshow:

    Antispin flower pirouette. 

  7. meettyrannosaur:

    Cant remember if I posted this or not so

  9. (Source: tahitiandana)

  10. if you haven’t seen us about at any festivals yet this year, here’s a peek at our new stall!