1. if you haven’t seen us about at any festivals yet this year, here’s a peek at our new stall!


  2. nationalcircus:

    A handful of tickets have just been released for the final show of #Hop @londonwonderground tonight! Photo by Mark Morreau. #facebook http://bit.ly/1yrzsIb July 16, 2014 at 04:45PM

  3. the-crane-dance:

    Guess what came in the post today?! Need more tape though…

    lovely to see a happy recipient of our kit :)

  4. glovspiration:

    DAMN. Any of my followers out there contact staff?

    I KNOW some of our followers do!

  5. new awesome slacklines are now available from firetoys!

    the mega bouncy trickline and the dinky lightweight travel-line are both new, and of course we have loads of the best-selling classic and extended lines

  6. typical-teen-author:

    Here’s me doing circus stuff

  7. If you’re not familiar with Riccardo Fraolini’s instagram feed of incredibly innovative yoyo tricks, you’d better get yourself familiar right here


  10. hotcircus:

    "Jaakko and Cyr Wheel" (by Mark Robson)

    Jaakko Tenhunen on the Cyr wheel in the show Flown by Pirates of the Carabina at the Sherman theatre in Cardiff.


    If you ever get the chance to see “Flown” by Pirates of the Carabina, DO IT.

    our review of the show in bristol is here (though now we’ve seen it in brighton too)